Welcome to The Stealth Bullet Shooting Society (SBSS)!

What are Stealth Bullets (SBs) you ask? SBs are those
sinister little suckers that sneak into your guns when you least expect it. You can always tell one has gotten into your ammo because they don't make the familiar "clang" when they hit steel. See our exclusive Demo, courtesy of Dutch Canyon Red, SBSS# 318.  Even though you're positive you just couldn't miss at such ranges, you're scored with a miss anyway! You’ve been ambushed!   You’ve been unfairly victimized by the “Bang no Clang” phenomena!!!   But take heart, the SBSS has the solution to your problem.

Our Regiment: The SBSS is organized as a one-of-a-kind Regiment to protect its members against being victimized by these dang SBs and provide proof positive that the real cause behind the "Bang no Clang" event was not a miss by the SBSS shooter, but one of them dern SBs that dun it. The SBSS therefore provides the ultimate protection [a.k.a. an official excuse] against the misfortune of personal blame for missing a shot being ascribed to one of our members!  Please feel free to review the Troops.  ~ Troop Roster ~

Our Mission: Enhance the fun of Cowboy Action Shooting and promote SASS wherever we go.

Our Law: 2 Seconds of Aim Beats 5 Seconds of Shame. Symbolically expressed as: 2>5...Translation: A Sure Hit Beats a Fast Miss Every Time.

Our Motto:
Evernay Issmay (Pig Latin for "Never Miss").

Our Badges: We wear distinctive badges made from captured bullets infected with the stealth virus, thus proving the existence of SBs. Our members can exercise their right to keep and bear SBSS badges as intended by our Founding Fathers-no infringement-no permits, background checks or CCWs required. "…shall not be infringed" means exactly that here!


Our Flag: The Nell Fenwick affectionately named in honor of its most talented maker.

Our Work: We're dedicated to the principle of never taking ourselves seriously and to the total defeat of all Stealth Bullets. We conduct semi-serious R&D on formulas that best describe and methods of creating a Zero Tolerance Environment (ZTE) for these dang SBs thus enabling us to "ring steel" with every shot.

Our Commitment: You will never have a bad shoot again. Every SBSS member is authorized to occupy a unique staff position with an accompanying screwball title of your own creation and conduct Anti-Serious, Psuedo-Scientific Stealth Bullet Research. There is no idea so lame that it can't be transformed into an Important Research Hypothesis (otherwise known as that all important Official Excuse) as to why steel did not ring. Therefore, if you're having a good match-great! If not, you're obviously conducting critical research.

Our Requirements: Any shooter still breathing can join the SBSS.


Our Dues: Prospective members pay a staggering fee of $00 for a life membership and make their own badge.


Our Gift:  You'll be given a unique SBSS number for your badge and will receive badge making instructions and a personalized certificate with your SASS Alias and SBSS number on it made with authentic pre-1899 design electrons.


Our Promise: The SBSS gives you proof positive (i.e. an official excuse) that the "bang no clang" ain't your fault-it's them dang SBs that dun it. No longer can you ever be rightly accused of missing again. You will be entitled to point to your SBSS badge as irrefutable proof that it was those dern SBs and not you that prevented the ringing of steel. Just think about it. Not one more "miss" in your life that can be blamed on you or anything but those dern Stealth Bullets! "We promise."


Order of the Golden Bullet Hall of Immortals: SBSS members inflicting a total defeat upon the Stealth Bullet during an official match by scoring a Clean Sweep are eligible for induction into the SBSS Order of the Golden Bullet Hall of Immortals. Your alias and SBSS number will be ensconced in that hallowed Hall for all time. You will be authorized to take a Stealth Bullet Carcass a.k.a. cartridge casing, from that memorable match, engrave the date of your victory thereon and hang that trophy carcass from your gun cart in recognition of your outstanding achievement.


To Apply: If you want to join this elite organization, apply for an official title or induction as an Order of the Golden Bullet Immortal, just send your request, including your SASS alias and badge number, to Colonel Dan for immediate processing.   

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Colonel Dan